[ENG] Guanyem Barcelona to visit Greece and meet with civil society groups and representatives of Syriza

Ada Colau and Gerardo Pisarello, spokespeople of Guanyem Barcelona (Let’s Win Back Barcelona), are traveling to Greece today to meet with municipal groups and key members of the Syriza coalition, which is standing in the country’s general elections this Sunday.
This trip will allow them learn, first hand, from local experiences of municipalism, community organization, Syriza local government policies, and other independent policy initiatives being carried out for citizens in Greece, some of which Guanyem Barcelona is already in contact with.
Wednesday’s agenda includes meetings with local anti-eviction collectives (some inspired by the PAH) and groups that campaign against water privatization and power cut-offs. Colau and Pisarello will also visit a community clinic in Athens that provides free services to people without social security, and which has been holding the line against the collapse in the healthcare system in the Greek capital over recent months. On Thursday they’ll meet with professionals, urbanists and elected officials of the region of Attica.
Rena Dourou, prefect of Attica and second most senior figure in Syriza
On Thursday, Ada Colau and Gerardo Pisarello will meet with Rena Dourou (Athens, 1974), one of the most important figures in Syriza. Since last year, she has governed the large region of Attica (similar in size to the Barcelona metropolitan area, it generates 35% of national GDP and is home to 40% of the Greek population). Dourou is known for her relentless fight against corruption, and for increasing social spending by implementing policies to prevent power cut-offs and evictions.
The visit to Greece by Guanyem Barcelona takes place in the week before general elections that could mark a turning point for Southern Europe. It will conclude on Friday at an international event organized by Syriza.

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